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ALSO : Lauren Conrad is my favorite philosopher.

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when something happens to ur favorite character


move-over-dobby asked: Can you explain the "metaphor" jokes to me. These keep popping up on my dash, and I have no idea what they're referencing.


you see, you watch the joke on your dashboard, but you don’t understand or laugh about it

you don’t let it become a joke

it’s a metaphor 


Rosamund Pike in “Crazy Beautiful” / Photographed by Willy Vanderperre / Styled by Olivier Rizzo, for W Magazine May 2014


Theo trying out a natural toothpaste

"I suppose there’s a kind of collective guilt in Hollywood that when there are so few female characters out there that when they are written they should be definitely be smart ones, and so sometimes when there’s a cracker who comes along who’s not smart that’s just even better, really." 

– Rosamund Pike: Screen Test for W Magazine(x)


“I don’t know what you see in that geriatric viagroid.”
“He buys me stuff, orders me room service. He isn’t afraid to kiss me.”

Just got my taxes did (all late lol). Look at me being all grown up and shit.

Kate Mara photographed by Alisha Goldstein for Glamour UK