Hey, yo Linden The Killing Fans!

As we all know (it’s been on our calendar for weeks now) The Killing season three premires on June 2nd on AMC. In celebration of the new season and the return of TV’s best duo (arguably, of course) I thought it’d be fun to have a little countdown. Starting on the 19th of May, we’ll countdown to the season three premiere by re-living the best of seasons one and two. You can make edits, gifs, text posts, etc. to answer each days topic. Make sure to tag it with #15DAYSOFTK. As of late I’ve felt like there isn’t really a big fandom for the show on tumblr but I could be wrong! Anyone and everyone can join in on the fun. Make sure to check out the tag everyday to like and reblog each other’s stuff. If you have any questions, comments, or concerns don’t be afraid to drop a message in my ask. The countdown kicks off with Day 15 on May 19th and continues with Day 14 on May 20th, Day 13 on May 21st and so on and so forth. REBLOG THIS TO GET AS MANY PEOPLE ON BOARD AS POSSIBLE. I hope you all enjoy this and I can’t wait to see all the cool stuff! 

DAY 15: Best Holder Quote.
DAY 14: Best Scary or Thriller Moment.
DAY 13: Best Happy or Bittersweet Moment.
DAY 12: Best Episode.
DAY 11: Best Male Character.
DAY 10: Best Female Character.
DAY 9: Best Cliffhanger.
DAY 8: Best Linden Sweater.
DAY 7: Best Scenic View.
DAY 6: Best Character Smile.
DAY 5: Best Character Scared Face.
DAY 4: Best anything of your choice.
DAY 3: Best Duo.
DAY 2: Best Holder drop ‘n’ diss.
DAY 1: Best Linden Quote.

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